2023 Summer Apprenticeship at SCF

Southside Community Farm (SCF) is seeking two paid apprentices for a 1-month long term during July or August of 2023. This opportunity is funded by the Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund. The application and more information can be found online at https://www.annesaxelbylegacyfund.org/our-program. This opportunity is focused on young adults age 17-25. People of color with an interest in agriculture, food justice, and/or community health are especially encouraged to apply. 
If applying specifically for our farm, please note your interest in having Southside Community Farm as your host site in the “Additional Information” section of the online application.

Farm Description
Southside Community Farm (SCF) was founded in 2014 by community members as a way to bring healthy food to the historically Black Southside neighborhood struggling under the oppression of food apartheid. We grow and distribute fresh fruits, herbs, and veggies predominantly for neighborhood public housing residents while collaborating with other BIPOC and local farms, farmers, and businesses in the region. Our mission is to prioritize the needs of Black people and other community members of color and to celebrate diverse cultures and foodways while growing Black food sovereignty. We view food sovereignty as a means to Black liberation.
SCF caretakes two urban plots, a 0.36 acre farm plot and a 0.15 acre orchard. We grow ~25 varieties of vegetables, ~10 varieties of fruit, and ~25 varieties of herbs. We distribute fresh produce and craft medicinal teas, salves, and other products. Because space is limited, SCF has a strong focus on dense planting, intercropping, and biodiversity. We also host Asheville’s only BIPOC Farmers Market, located at the farm once per month. 

Southside Community Farm is located in Southside, one of Asheville, North Carolina’s historically Black communities (133 Livingston St., Asheville, NC). The neighborhood is home to almost half of Asheville’s low income public housing residents.

Apprentices will learn through hands-on experience about small-scale, sustainable vegetable production, orchard and perennial fruit care, herbal medicine making, basic food preservation (drying, possibly canning), outdoor youth education, local free food distribution, farmers market management, social media and volunteer management. Tasks and focus can be tailored to the apprentice’s interests and skills, but at least some general farm work is required.

General Work Requirements
Apprentices should be able to do physical work outdoors in the summer. This means hard work, but it also means checking in with your body to know when to rest and hydrate.

______Work hours
This apprenticeship is 40 hrs/week. Southside Community Farm operates ~9-5 on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and most Sundays (Sundays are held for public events such as volunteer days, monthly community dinners, BIPOC-only Garden Days, workshops, and a monthly farmers market). Additional flexible hours can be obtained through at-home computer work and with our close partner farms, Shiloh Community Garden on Saturdays and/or with Feed Asheville Farm on Tuesdays/Thursdays based on the apprentice’s interests and hour requirement.

______Safety Precautions
Because we are part of a frontline community and we deal with food, it is important that the apprentice be mindful of COVID-19. Willingness to wear a mask (including in some crowded outdoor situations such as during farmers markets) is a must.
We work in an outdoor space so those with pollen allergies or bee allergies should be mindful of their needs (note that we don’t keep bees, but we do encourage our local pollinators to visit). We may grow peanuts, as we have some other years, so anyone with a severe peanut allergy would need to be mindful of where they are planted and not engage with the plants.
Please wear sturdy work clothes and close toed shoes. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle!

Apprentices will be compensated $20 per hour for 40-hour work weeks. An additional living/transportation stipend will be provided by the Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund.

Due Date
The application is due by March 15, 2023.

Additional Requirements
Beyond being a racially diverse, BIPOC-focused community, many of the people deeply engaged in SCF as workers, volunteers, and community leaders identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Apprentices must be enthusiastic and willing to work with a diversity of people, be able to respect pronouns, etc. This work is specifically focused on disrupting patterns of oppression in ourselves and our community.

Learn More

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/southsidecommunityfarm/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/southsidegarden
SCF Email: southsideavlgarden@gmail.com
Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund Email: info@AnneSaxelbyLegacyFund.org

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