Community Impact Timeline


Southside Community Farm presents our new Community Impact Timeline.

We created this series of blogs for you, our friends and dear allies, as a free and accessible resource for all. 

We’ve condensed the best of our news coverage, press releases, relevant official documents, annual reports, and stories of community engagement right here in this easily digestible overview.

This timeline charts the history that brought us here, the history we’ve made so far, and the history we will continue to make with you. 

As you may know, the farm is at risk of losing its home of over a decade. This 4-part series is one piece of our response. Deep understanding of our foundational narrative is critical for meaningful advocacy efforts. 

That’s why we’re jam-packing the most relevant parts of the story here. 


Part 1 | Southside behind the Red Line

Part 2 | Resilience in the Face of Food Apartheid – Coming Soon!

Part 3 | New Growth and Sharing the Bounty – Coming Soon!

Part 4 | Coming Full Circle: The Current 2024 Risk – Coming Soon!

Over the course of the Timeline, you’ll learn more about:

  • how redlining and systematic resource divestment historically changed Southside into a “slum”
  • the food apartheid that prompted our community elders to start their own journey to Black food sovereignty
  • our programs, partnerships, and solidarity with the BIPOC land stewardship movement happening nationwide 
  • up-to-date information on the current 2024 risk to Southside Community Farm

>>Forward to Part 1: Southside behind the Red Line

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