Help us Preserve the Farm!

Southside Community Farm (SCF) is at risk of losing access to the land we have stewarded for ten years. This land is legally owned by the Housing Authority of the City of Asheville (HACA). A resolution (Resolution No. 2024-11) has been brought to HACA’s board of directors to dismantle the farm and replace it with additional playground space. In a neighborhood without a grocery store, Southside Community Farm is the only place to access fresh, healthy food. The Southside deserves access to more community resources, not the destruction of what already exists. We want HACA to preserve Southside Community Farm, to NOT pass this resolution, and to ensure that the community has access to vital resources the farm provides!

  • Sign the petition.
    Add your voice and urge HACA to preserve the farm here.
  • Read and learn.
    Read the letter to HACA that the SCF leadership wrote here, and read our staff’s full public comment from the April 24 HACA board meeting here (we were not permitted to share our full public comment at the board meeting). Check out the rest of our website to learn more about what we do.
  • Write a letter of support.
    Find guidelines for writing your own letter of support for SCF here.
    Letters of support can be written by groups of people, by organizations, or by individuals.
    Don’t have time to write your own letter? Sign and send a pre-drafted letter of support here.
  • Donate to the farm.
    Black mutual aid work and land stewardship shouldn’t be chronically under-resourced. Donate here, or if you have it, give us land!
  • Share with others!
    Talk to your friends and neighbors.
    Print this flyer and post it in public places.