Photo Journal

See what we’re all about!

Neighborhood youth picking strawberries — “We’re rich!”
Youth program participants harvest potatoes. Everyone got to take home a bag!
Ember Phoenix holds lavender, rosemary, and cedar grown on the farm. Ember led a free workshop on incense making with these herbs.
Participants in a BIPOC-only Garden Day workshop grind herbs together.
Community matriarch and long-time supporter of SCF, Chef Hanan Shabazz fries fish for one of the farm’s monthly 4th Sunday dinners.
SCF co-founders Shuvonda Harper and Roy Harris honor Hanan Shabazz for her commitment to the community at one of SCF’s 4th Sunday dinners.
Volunteers from Southside Community Farm move compost from SCF to Murray Hill Community Garden. We love supporting and collaborating with other local community food efforts!
Volunteers add compost to our farm rows to prepare for spring planting.
Volunteers and farmers pose with freshly prepared farm rows.
Co-founder Roy Harris with his wizard staff (a dried sunflower stalk).
Farm manager Chloe Moore harvests fresh carrots before a monthly BIPOC Farmers Market.
Local farmer Tamarya Sims of Soulfull Simone Farm vends at Southside’s BIPOC farmers market.
Farm manager Chloe and 2023 farm apprentice Anaya pose together at the Southside BIPOC Farmers Market
Free Pantry (part of SCF’s Free Grocery Program) located at 214 Livingston St., Asheville.
Fresh beets harvested from the farm for the Free Grocery Program
Beautiful Glass Gem corn–a variety first cultivated by Cherokee plant breeder Carl Barnes–grown at SCF
Passion flowers are harvested and dried for making a soothing herbal tea.
Southside Community Orchard, located at 214 Livingston St.
SCF staff work with volunteers to plant elderberry trees and build a walkway in Southside Community Orchard.
Photo Credit: Cleaster Cotton.
Early spring flowers blooming in Southside Community Orchard.
Raised beds in full bloom support local pollinators.
The farm, just looking pretty in early fall. Photo credit: Mike Talyad
The free fridge, with vervain (an important medicinal herb, as well as a gorgeous flower) blooming in the foreground. Photo credit: Mike Talyad
Volunteers harvest roselle in the medicine garden.
Autumn monarch butterflies enjoy blooming golden rod in the pollinator garden.